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How to use Text Summarizer?

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What is a Summary Generator?

A summary generator tool is a computer program that analyzes any text-based article and removes all the extraneous information so that only the key points are left. The key thing here is to use the right tool when you want to get the most from your writing.

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Quality of the best Text Summarizer

There are numerous qualities to look for in a summarizer and some of the top features to look at in the tool are written below:





Features of a Summarizing Tool

If you are looking for the best summary generator tool then you must discover the features of the selected tool. Some of the basic features are mentioned below:

100% Accuracy in summarizing your content

Must extract the key points

Must compress the content without changing its concept

The summarizer should be easy to use

The Summarizing tool shouldn’t ask for any details

The Summarized content must be understandable

Who can use Summarizer?

The use of this tool is not specific. Thus, any professional can use it for their purpose.

We have discussed some of the uses below:


Students can summarize their assignments using our AI-Powered Summary generator. Our tool will always perform maximum to extract the key points of your assignment. Students can summarize their essays, thesis, presentations, and another type of content.


Bloggers can easily summarize a long blog post or make their blog’s conclusion. The Text summarizer will take seconds to compress the text of a long blog post or a research material.

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Frequently asked questions

How to Summarize an Article?

To summarize an article, you need to find the most important points of the text whether it’s an assignment or a book. You can either write in your own words or point out the sentences in the original form.

Another way that is quite efficient is to use the online text summarizer tool for automatic summarization of your text.

How to Summarize a Book?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to read all the book to make its summarizer. The best way to summarize a book is to copy the book from its PDF form and paste it into the summarizing tool.

The tool will take seconds to generate the summary of the whole book.

What are the 5 techniques in summarizing a text?
  • Who is the story about?
  • What did they do?
  • When did the action take place?
  • Where did the story happen?
  • Why did the main character do what she/he did?
Do we need to register to use onlinesummarizer.com?

No, this summarizer is completely free and instant to use. You just need to enter the text to summarize within moments.

About Summarizer

Onlinesummarizer.com is an online summary generator, powered by Machine Learning algorithms. This tool is available in 10+ languages and works accurately for each of the languages.